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Sadhguru Quotes For Whatsapp Status.

| Sadhguru Quotes, Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Sadhguru Quotes On Love | No matter how educated we are but at sometimes in our life we feel lost and at that time we need someone who can guide us and show the right way. In this Post we are going to talk about My Mentor and Guru SADHGURU. Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, writer, mystic, and speaker. Sadhguru is the founder of non-profit organization called Isha-Foundation which offers various yoga programs around the globe. There is also a Course ” INNER ENGINEERING ” offered by sadhguru. Inner Engineering is a technology for well being derived from the ancient science of Yoga and Dhyana. Sadhguru started his Isha foundation in 1992 and by the time it spread around the world. Isha foundation is non-religious foundation managed by more than 5 million volunteers.


Sadhguru was born in Mysuru karnataka, after finishing his school he joined mysuru University and graduated from that University with English.But at the age of 25 on the Chamunda hill he felt something mystic and from that time his spiritual journey started. He is the Beliver of Lord SHIVA. Sadhguru has also designed a beautiful and the World’s largest sculpture of lord Shiva in ISHA Foundation. He says that The Lord shiva was the first Adi Yogi of the Universe who gave the concept of yoga to the world.


Sadhguru has also been awarded by Padmabhushan Award in 2017 by President of india For his non profit work and contribution to the society.

Below you will find Sadhguru Quotes, Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Sadhguru Quotes On Love, Sadhguru Quotes on Yoga Etc.

Sadhguru Quotes

The conclusions that you make in your mind can seriously impede your ability to experience life.

If we want stability in our family, society, nation, and the world, we need to create stability in individual human beings.

If your heart is full with love, there is no such thing as service, as it is a great privilege to do whatever is needed for all that you behold in your love.

Transformation is when who you are is not determined anymore by other people’s opinions or other people’s presence.

The inner dimension is uncharted terrain; it is sensible to take directions. A guru is a live road map.

Sadhguru Quotes For Whatsapp Status.

This is the time of the year to get rid of all the unnecessary things – in your home, your body, mind, emotions – and start life afresh.

“Life is a process, not a problem. The question is only, have you prepared yourself for the process or not.” — Sadhguru

“The quality of your life depends on how well you manage your body, your mind, your emotion, your situations, your home, your communities, nations, your life in general and the world.” Sadhguru

Do not fight your cravings for sweets. If you yourself turn sweet, sweets will lose their attraction.

“If you think you are big, you become small. If you know you are nothing, you become unlimited. That’s the beauty of being a human being.” Sadhguru

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The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break the boundaries you have drawn for yourself and experience the immensity that you are. The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged, as a result of your own ignorance, and live the way the Creator made you—utterly blissful and infinitely responsible.” Sadhguru

Spirituality is not something you can do on the outside, in a temple, mosque, or church – it has to happen within yourself.

When you are joyous by your own nature, the very way you perceive and express yourself, the very way you experience your life will change.

“A human is not a being; he is a becoming. He is an ongoing process – a possibility. For this possibility to be made use of there is a whole system of understanding the mechanics of how this life functions and what we can do with it, which we refer to as yoga.” Sadhguru

 “Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.” Sadhguru 

“Most of your desires are not really about yourself. You just picked them up from your social surroundings.” — Sadhguru

Dharma is not a teaching, philosophy, or belief system. It is based on clarity of vision about life here and hereafter.

“Do you want to look good or feel good? How wonderful you feel within yourself is most important.” — Sadhguru

“Even if I am with a million people, I am always alone. I do not see people as people. I see them as myself.” — Sadhguru

“The most precious thing in life is life itself. Are you getting it now or only on your deathbed?.” — Sadhguru

“The most precious thing in life is life itself. Are you getting it now or only on your deathbed?.” — Sadhguru

A human is not a being, he is a becoming, he is an ongoing process, nothing is fixed. You can be whichever way you want to be.” — Sadhguru

“Only if the younger generation does things that the parents never imagined possible, can a society evolve?” — Sadhguru Jaggi

If all your energies are focused in one direction, enlightenment is not far away. After all, what you are seeking is already within you..” — Sadhguru

My work is to bring clarity. Once you clearly see that the whole universe is one, everything about you and your relationship with existence will change.” — Sadhguru Jaggi

“Believing gives you comfort, solace, and a sense of belonging, but there will be no courage and commitment to seek what is true.” — Sadhguru

You don’t go to a Guru for solace. He is not a tranquilizer-he is there to awaken you.” — Sadhguru

If we do not work for individual transformation, if we do not look for ways of making the individual peaceful, talking about world peace is just one more entertainment in the world.” — Sadhguru

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