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Jio APN Settings For High-Speed Internet in 2021 – JioUpdate – How To Increase Jio Speed

Jio APN Settings 2021 – If you are reading this article then you must be frustrated with your Jio 4G Internet speed and you are in search of improving the speed of your internet right? Then my friend you are at the right place because in this post I am going to share with you a magic trick that works on every single device whether its android or ios so let’s directly dive into the article.

Well, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd Also known as JIO is the most popular telecommunication mobile network service provider network in India, And it is the one and only company that provides 4G VOLTE.

Jio has become increasingly popular among all the Indians after it’s launch in the mid of 2016. They launched a plan called ” Welcome Offer” In which they gave free data to every Indian citizen who bought Jio sim card. And just like that everybody got addicted to the Jio sim card because of its high-speed 4g internet connection along with free calling and free text msgs.

But, As the Users of the Jio sim got increased significantly the speed of the internet also reduced because of bandwidth distribution. So in this article, we are going to talk about How To Increase the Internet Speed Of JIO in 2021 Using A Secret APN Setting. JIO 4G APN Settings

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What is APN :

APN Stands For Access Point Name is a setting in your phone which sets up a gateway between your phone and cellular network and the internet. Now, this is something that you can change in your phone to trick with the internet speed. But the question is how can you change this setting and what should you change in this setting so let’s get started.

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Jio APN Setting

  1. Go to Settings >> Mobile Network.
  2. Select Network Mode and set it to LTE/GSM/WCDMA (auto connect) or LTE only.
  3. Then select APN and choose JIO 4G.
  4. Set APN to Jio net.
  5. Set Proxy, Port, Username, and Password to ‘Not set.’
  6. You can use either set ‘Server’ to ‘Not set’ or to to increase browsing speed.
  7. Set MMSC, Authentication type, and MMS Proxy to ‘Not set.’ Do not change MCC, MNC settings as it depends on our area.
  8. Set APN protocol’ to IPv6 or IPv4/IPV6 to boost the speed.
NameJio 4G (You Can Keep Any Name You Wish)
ProxyNot set / ( Leave This Field)
PortNot set / ( Leave This Field)
UsernameNot set / ( Leave This Field)
PasswordNot set / ( Leave This Field)
ServerNot set / (you can use to increase browsing/downloading speed)
MMSCNot set / ( Leave This Field)
MMS ProxyNot set / ( Leave This Field)
MCC, MNCIt depends on your area. So don’t change these default settings
Authentication typeNot set / ( Leave This Field)
APN protocolIPv6 (to boost speed, you can change it to IPv4/IPV6). Same is for roaming protocol
Enable/disable APNleave it unchanged
BearerUnspecified (you can change it to LTE)
Mobile virtual network operator typeNone

All in all, APN Settings has a major role in getting a high-speed internet connection. And every cellular network has its own APN settings so these particular settings can’t be used in any other network this is limited to JIO Only.

If you have any questions related to this drop a comment and we will happy to help.


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