Cicret Bracelet: A Bracelet That Turns your wrist into a tablet.

Cicret Bracelet
Cicret Bracelet

Well, we are living in the modern era, An Era of technology. The latest gadgets are being launched every single day with new features and updated technology and mostly every smartphone manufacturing company is launching their smart band or smartwatch, For Example, Xiaomi released their Mi band, Honor released their honor band, Smartwatch from Samsung, And iWatch From Apple.


However, these watches and bands are now common among us because they only have features such as show call logs, texts, make calls, show heartbeats, calorie burned, etc, but today in this post we are going to talk about a bracelet or a band you can say which will turn your wrist into Projector. Yes, you heard right. It will change your wrist into a projector, Just like in iron man movie. Tony stark doing that high tech tasks with his AI Jarvis, You can perform those tasks too using this bracelet.

Recently, Google also launched it’s Google glasses which claims to provide that high tech user interface but again it comes with some limitations. So let’s talk about this amazing bracelet.

Cicret Bracelet

First of all, have a look at this video.

Design :

cickret design

This is how it looks like, It has a unique design and this bracelet comes in six different color variants and all-new unique design.

Specification :


As you can see in the image, this bracelet is packed with lots of features that you can use it in your daily life to make it a lot easier. The Cicret Bracelet comes with Projector to project bracelet’s data to any surface, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB Port, Accelerometer, Vibrating motor and LED for Notifications.



To connect this device with your smartphone, you have to use Bluetooth connectivity.

Price :

According to our sources, this bracelet’s price will be around 600 to 700 USD. Which is somehow okay considering its high-end technology.

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