5 Amazing Games To Play During Quarantine(Lockdown).

5 amazing games to play
5 Amazing Games to play

Well, Coronavirus is an unfortunate reality that we human beings are facing nowadays. And now it is declared as a national threat and because of that our PM Narendra Modi Ji has decided 21 days of lockdown all over India.

Moreover, this virus is spreading through person to person so WHO ( world health organization ) have suggested that everybody should work from their home and avoid social gathering.


Now, this is obvious, that everybody will get bored staying indoor right? We need some activity to beat boredom. Some people are reading books, some people are watching series on Netflix but people like me who are not much into reading books they need an activity to pass their time and what could be best than playing games?

5 Amazing Games to play during Quarantine(Lockdown).

1 ) PUBG Mobile:

Pubg mobile latest version download
PUBG Mobile

Well, who doesn’t love to play PUBG? This game has become increasingly popular all over the globe with millions of downloads and active users. This game is a multiplayer battle royal game where you have to kill the other 99 players to win the game. This game is packed with breathtaking graphics and Amazing sound effects. This game is a must play game if you are stuck in your house during the quarantine.

2 ) 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Mobile
8 Ball Pool

Now this game is for those who love to play pool in their life this will create an exact virtual environment as we play pool games physically. In this game you can challenge your Facebook friends to play against you also you can play with an online player as well as bot. You will get coins that can be used to bet while playing. Do try once.

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3 ) Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile (COD)

After getting a huge success in the Computer gaming industry COD Has launched it’s Mobile version of the game which is called Call of duty mobile. Just like PUBG Mobile this game is also a battle royale game, it is much similar to PUBG Mobile but it has some new Modes like Domination mode and Death Match. Talking about graphics then I would say this game has slightly high-end graphics and visuals then PUBG Mobile. What are you waiting for? Go give it a try.

4 ) Shadow Fight 3

shadowfight apk
Shadow Fight

Have you ever played taken on your computer? this game is just like that but with some weapons and amazing graphics. In this game, you have to fight with your opponent player in war and finish the mission to upgrade your weapons and your main character and it’s skill.

5 ) Brain Out


Last but not least, Now if you are like me who loves to play puzzle and mind games then believe me this game is for you. This game will scratch your mind and you have to use everything of your brain to solve the puzzle and get to the next level. These kinds of games actually increase the creativity and thinking capacity of the human brain you should try it for sure.

So, guys, this was the list of 5 Amazing games you can play during the lockdown. We request you not to go outside of your house. Be safe. Be Corona Warrior by just staying at home.

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